Angels of Promise, Angels of Judgment - Part 1

We are living in a strategic hour, when God is visiting His people and releasing supernatural inheritance on behalf of the saints. This is an era when revelation is becoming widespread among the church, but this is due to more than the fact that it is 2007. The strategic nature of the hour rests not on the natural calendar of time and history. Rather, our breakthrough stems from a positional, spiritual timeframe – that is, it’s a dimension called right now!

For He says: “In an acceptable time I have heard you, and in the day of salvation I have helped you.” Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation (2 Cor. 6)

Right now, the heavens are opened over your life, because you have entered the realm of eternity in Christ and all things are made new. There is a place in the Spirit where even time and space bend, to allow access to the blood-bought children of God. Many are experiencing the fulfillment and manifestation of prophetic words and promises today, that have seemed locked away for ages. Angels of promise have been commissioned in this day, to pull timeless, positional authority from eternity into the present.

This is a time, both on the natural calendar, and in the now accessible realm of the Spirit, where words spoken over you, your family, your church and your region are coming to pass. You may have asked God, “When are we going to see those things which were promised by the prophets? When will this destiny word you gave me come to pass?” It is important to remember and ponder those prophetic words, promises and dreams the Lord has given you, which seem to have been blocked. The time is now, for breakthrough and change. One of the things being released to bring it all to pass is the supernatural intervention of angels!

Angels of Judgment Releasing Destiny

There are angels that release judgment to move you into your destiny, just as there is an appointed time in the Spirit where God says, “Enough is enough!” Remember that the judgments of the Lord are good! They benefit the saints and strike down the enemies of the church (sickness, disease, lack, etc.). These are warrior angels, angels of promise, which deliver the goods and clear a path for the fulfillment of God’s plans for your life.

Sometimes we grow weary in holding onto promises, because we do not understand the dynamics of angelic fulfillment. Remember that whenever God does a thing, he usually sends angels to do His bidding. And there are principles of breakthrough involved, which sometimes require us to wait for a season in the natural. It took the archangel Michael a time to break through, even though God had responded immediately to Daniel’s prayer. God heard Daniel’s prayer the first day he prayed. The answer was released in Heaven, but it took 21 days to get it to earth (Daniel 10:11-14).

Daniel had his answer in God’s eternal timeframe, but he still had to wait for a season for it to manifest. We inherit the promises through both faith and patience, the scriptures tell us. Don't lose expectancy if you don't see immediate manifestation.

Whether or not a waiting season is involved, we can understand how angels are engaged in the delivery of answered prayers and prophetic decrees. Remember how the angel freed Peter from jail after the prayers of the saints? (Acts 12:5-13) Angels minister the already given breakthrough of God released through His cross. As our hearts and minds are aligned with God's perspective in faith, this effortlessly enables angelic activity. No "pressing through" the second heavens is necessary.

Angelic Activation

In Heaven, there are angels positioned to add the incense of our prayers with fire from the altar in the golden censer, which is then hurled to the earth, blowing open holes in the heavens (Revelation 8:3-5). Your prayers are like Holy Ghost gunpowder, to amplify the effectiveness of this angelic firepower. This does not mean we are striving our knees. Prayer, or better yet the practice of the Presence of God, simply enables us to see and experience reality from His point of view - He has already broken through in His incarnation, death and resurrection, smashing Heaven into earth.

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much (James 5:16).

As we pray, we can’t pump anything up and make it happen. Your efforts are not necessary! But we can align with what has already been accomplished in the timeless realm of eternity. As we are expectant for breakthrough and prophetic promises in this temporal, subjective realm it is important to remember that we are not just praying to a ceiling. We are simply agreeing with what has already been positionally accomplished on the cross, and lining up the earth with the Heavenly answer. These prayers have already been released in the right now of that realm. We are not climbing a ladder in vain – in the Glory realm, our prayers are always effective! And we do not just fill these golden censers forever! There are angels constantly helping us, to tip them over and catapult them down, dropping fulfillment to words and answers to prayers like an air squad bombing the enemy’s coordinates! Our prayers are effective and fervent only because He has "made us righteous," so no hernia-popping is required. Yes, as we stay in a place of prayerful trust, there is a birthing of things in the natural that are already conceived in the Spirit. But intercession is about joyful, dependent trust - not helping God out.

There is a true wind from Heaven on intercession in this season. But it is rooted entirely in our satisfaction of what He's already given in the Son.

Angels of Future Destiny

One of the things that diffuses our prayer is a sense of despair. We tend to think Heaven is sluggish and lazy with the answers to prayers, because up there, everyone is lounging around and no one is in a hurry. But this is not so. Angels are not just casually playing their harps on a cloud, ignoring your pleas to God. Did you know that these angels are already working ahead of you? It is you and I, rather than Heaven, who need to get on board with the promises of God. As eager as we are to move into the promises and inheritance, we rarely believe in them enough to start stepping into them!

When Jacob buckled down and decided to face his fears, confronting Esau and physically moving into the Promise Land, he was in for a complete surprise! For one, Esau was not angry with him. And furthermore, there were angels already there ahead of Jacob, waiting for him to align with his own destiny!

As Jacob was on his way into the Promise Land, the angels that were already assigned to Jacob met with those angels stationed in the land who were assigned to his prophetic future. This was the Mahanaim, “God’s army,” which were the two dancing armies of angels (Gen. 32:1-2, Song 6:13). This dance between the two armies of angels is a sign of fulfillment of prophetic promises. God has ranks of heavenly hosts already assigned to your future, as well as angels that are walking with you in the present. These angels are pressing in against the adversary on both sides of time until you get breakthrough. When the two armies penetrate the obstacle that is holding you back from destiny, there is great rejoicing.

Your angels are excited about meeting up with those angels waiting on you in your future destiny. Remember this: those angels of destiny are already yours! It is time to pack up camp and begin to move toward the promises.

John Crowder, 9/4/2007 1