Bilocation and Unexpected Miracles

This week, I would like to share with you an unusual miracle that happened earlier this summer. The Lord longs for all of us to experience the Glory and supernatural abilities that are already ours in this hour These are not just healing abilities, prophecy or any of the standard spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12. What God has also released through His Son are unusual miracles as the scriptures say were worked by Paul in Acts 19:11, as well as signs and wonders like those done among the people in Acts 2 and 5.

Throughout history, a common experience among miracle workers and ecstatics is bilocation – when the believer’s body appears in two places at one time. Although this sounds quite strange, I wanted to share this with you for two reasons: firstly, that it is a powerful thing to testify of things God has done. Secondly, I want to inspire you that all things are possible for them that believe! And unusual miracles are for all of us: supernatural Christianity is normative Christianity.

I had a bilocation experience of my own that occurred on my 31st birthday. Scheduled to visit Ireland for a conference over the summer, I felt that the Lord would have me pull back from the originally planned European itinerary. While I cancelled my own itinerary, our associate minister Dave Vaughan continued to conduct the meetings. While I was at home, part of me longed to be in Ireland, as if I was supposed to go – although the Lord had clearly told me not to do so. I was torn between two places!

While David was speaking at the meeting in Ireland on my birthday, he and their friends felt like I was with them the entire day. They were even joking, saying, “The spirit of Crowder is with us!”

It was a very small meeting, so Dave could clearly see everyone in the room. That day in the meeting, Dave looked up, surprised to see me standing there, against the wall in the church -- clearly visible with my strange facial hair and all! He assumed I had just come as originally planned to surprise them, as I was still scheduled to meet up with them a week later. But then, just as soon as he saw me with his open eyes, I vanished into thin air. He had so clearly seen me that he said something about it to the people there. Then, only moments later, he looked again, and there I was standing against the wall in the very same place he had seen me earlier. At this point, he knew this experience was from the Lord. And I was gone again!

Meanwhile, due to the time difference, I was still sleeping at home in America. That morning, exactly when this occurred, my wife dreamed that we were planting two seeds at the same time! How would you like God to enable you to plant two separate seeds at once? Multi-task in the Glory! Watch out for more than just bilocation in these days. Miracles of trilocation (three places at once) and even multilocation (showing up numerous places at once) will be more and more common as the Glory of God invades the earth. But this is about far more than just one individual happening or one specific type of miracle. The Lord is awakening us to an entire arsenal of supernatural experience afforded us through the cross!

Interestingly, we had specifically prayed for some time that the Lord would allow us to experience the miracle of bilocation. But when it happened, it came unexpectedly, without notice. By no means did I "pray it up," but I think there is something about recognizing what is within our grasp by grace - when we start to expect, the unexpected happens!

Bilocation has also happened to Jeff Jansen, a minister friend who showed up at a Christian conference at the same time he was elsewhere eating with some friends. During the meeting with these friends, Jeff was eating some supernatural manna that had physically fallen earlier in a revival meeting. But at the same exact time, he was signing into the conference and greeting about 30 separate people that witnessed him. Jeff simply said, “Bless you” to each of them.

Jeff only remembers eating with the couple, however, he says he was intoxicated in the Glory at the time and that he felt like he was two places at once. Likewise, I have no recollection of being in Ireland.

One of the strangest stories of this century is that of Padre Pio, the mystic and stigmatist whose life was full of bizarre occurrences. We don't have to agree with his theology, but the Lord worked some amazing miracles through him (plenty of miracle workers have had terrible theology - miracles don't endorse your doctrine!). During the world war when a squadron of planes was flying over an Italian town to bomb it, they reported seeing a monk, floating in mid-air over the city, as well as a type of force field that prevented them from firing their munitions. The confused commander called them back in, and sent another group of planes to finish the job. However, the second group reported the same scenario: flying monk with force field.

After the war, the commander visited this small Italian town, and realized it to be the home of famed Padre Pio, whom he recognized perfectly from the pilots’ descriptions. Not only had Padre Pio been flying over the town, but he was also bilocating at the same time (his body showing up two separate places at the same time). During this entire time, Pio had been interceding for his city that it would be protected. In awe of what had happened, the army commander came to faith.

We should understand that miracles can overlap simultaneously in the Glory realm. Just as Padre Pio levitated and bilocated at the same time, so have many believers glowed with visible light surrounding their bodies whilst being lifted from the ground. Sometimes, this Heavenly aura is so bright and dazzling that it lights up an entire room. We don't need to categorize each type of miracle, and attempt to specialize in each one. As we rest in the simple fact of our union with God, through the broken body of Christ, we see that we are simultaneously activated in all sorts of abilities - just as God has enabled us completely through His Spirit.

Let this little story be an inspiration for you to explore all that God has for you! We would encourage you to expect the unexpected in this season. This is a season of surprises. Many of you will feel yourselves getting into the Christmas spirit early this year, because God is going to drop some unusual gifts in your lap.

John Crowder, 10/1/2007