Revival Fires Burn in Bolivia

Lily took “the most dangerous road in the world,” a single-lane dirt road with sheer 3,000 foot drop-offs to reach a healing crusade in Caranavi, Bolivia.

Lily recently returned from La Paz, Bolivia for two evangelistic healing crusades. God moved in miraculous ways, as Lily watched deaf ears and blind eyes open, as well as 2,000 decisions for Christ.
Only days before she left, Lily got the news that she is pregnant with our fourth mini-Crowder! While in Bolivia, she ministered in a women’s prison, where a woman was dragged in, unable to walk. Lily prayed once, twice, then on the third time, her legs began to twitch. Soon the young lady was standing without support. Lily also received a word of knowledge that a woman there was suffering from a stomach/bladder condition. This was true, and when Lily prayed, the woman felt a fire burning inside of her as she was instantly healed, saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. The Lord healed everything from acid reflux to foot and back problems there!

A Bolivian worship leader travels with the team.

In the first night of crusade ministry, Lily felt a healing angel come along her right side. She felt a release to pray for anxiety related stomach problems, and the Lord instantly healed about eight people – taking care of the spiritual root that released the physical healing. One lady had been unable to use the restroom for a long time, and the Lord healed her (fortunately not in the prayer line!). There were many other healings, and Lily watched as rows of deaf people received their hearing during the meetings. A baby paralyzed since birth was healed, and Lily got to watch as it kicked its legs for the first time. She prayed for a lady with cataracts and watched as they dissipated. Lily also saw the Lord supernaturally uncurl the toes on a woman’s twisted foot.
We greatly value your intercession, as the spiritual warfare is often intense on these trips. Lily ministered deliverance to several people, some wildly manifesting demons. She also encountered a witch market in the city, where people were selling dead dogs, animal fetuses and other freaky things. But the scariest part of the journey was by far the road from La Paz to Caranavi. It dropped 12,000 feet in elevation over a 40-mile distance, a steep, narrow, one-lane dirt road that goes through a river and under two waterfalls. The U.S. State Department dubs it “the most dangerous road in the world” as it hugs sheer, 3,000-foot drop-offs along near vertical mountainsides, and hundreds of people die there each year. Lily saw vehicles scattered at the bottom of ravines below, and white crosses that marked a previous plunge every few hundred feet along the way. Keep in mind that she was barreling down in a huge tour bus, and many were screaming the whole way like a roller coaster. Lily was sitting in the very back of the bus, and sometimes, the driver would back up to let a car pass, as she literally hung over the edge!

Lily meets a 4-year-old girl at a feeding outreach in La Paz. The young girl was tasked with caring for her blind grandfather.

But some of the best miracles happened at the bottom, after they dropped from one of the world’s highest cities, down into the Amazon basin. A person without an ear canal received a creative miracle, as the ear parts spontaneously formed and hearing was restored. The team also had a chance to feed and pray for the poor on the streets. And the fun continued all the way back to Alaska, as Lily was even blessed to lead someone to the Lord on the airplane on the flight home.

Many are miraculously healed and thousands receive Jesus Christ for salvation after witnessing demonstrations of power.