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 Slums, Cemetaries & Leper Colonies in Indonesia

Main Leper photo
Sons of Thunder has now traveled twice to the nation of Indonesia - bringing teams into the slums and ministering to the poorest of the poor. One of our favorite groups to visit are the homeless who live in the cemetaries in the region of Surabaya. We prepared a massive feast, celebrating and worshipping and preaching the gospel with them. We've seen some amazing and even comical miracles in the cemetary, including a "pee pee" miracle!
In addition, we also ministered in the leper colonies, loving and spending time with those whom society has utterly rejected.

On one trip to Indonesia, we saw an incredible outpouring of the supernatural, as the place was miraculously covered in gold dust. Also, we have included a powerful testimony from a lady whose breast tumor disappeared. Thank you for your support as we continue to preach the gospel to the poor!

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