Glorium Explosium in Ukraine and Russia


We recently returned from our Ukrainium Glorium Explosium mission trip, where we exploded with the love of God in Ukraine and Russia. Our slavic neighbors really know how to drink, and every night was a wild frenzy of sweating, dancing celebration. One man in Ukraine had a doctor verified healing miracle as the Lord cleared his system of Hepatitis C. The hunger was so massive for the glory of God that some folks in the Ukraine meetings drove across country just to join us in Moscow a day later! Pastors from all over the countries traveled in for refreshing and impartation in the river. Our international team from the U.S., England, Wales, Bulgaria and Puerto Rico was continually spilling down the streets in ecstatic delight, and we truly felt the Lord brought a powerful revelation of the gospel.

Ukrainian native Alex Koslovsky attempts to translate under the weighty cloud of El Shaddai.