Spa in the Dumps in Belize

She asked us to pray for a homWe recently visited the nation of Belize for outreaches to the garbage dumps, homeless and praying for the sick and infirm. While visiting, we were impressed with God’s extravagant love for the poor. He didn’t just want to feed them – but to lavish them with abundance! This inspired us to somehow put a deposit of hope and dignity in these precious people. We decided to sponsor a “Spa Day at the Dumps!”

We took carloads of ladies who make their living scavenging for scraps – and send them on a full day of royal pampering with pedicures, makeovers and feasting – a day to treat
them, inspire them and in some small but important way, impart God’s Spirit of love and prosperity. God wants to give dignity to the poor. He doesn’t just want to pull us from disparity into mediocrity. The Psalmist says He pulls us from the garbage dump, then seats us with the princes of His people! (Psalm 113:7-8)