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Another 100,000 Decisions for Christ in India

Ministry has now seen 200,000 respond to Gospel

DSC6584Local pastors estimate at least another 100,000 responded to the good news of the gospel in a massive miracle evangelism campaign hosted by John Crowder and the Sons of Thunder team in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India in November. The international team of 30 from the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK and beyond arrived in the remote village of Challapalli as crowds swelled to 15,000 the first night. When healing began to break out - attendance more than tripled by the next day.
Blind eyes popped open. Deaf ears popped open. Many testified that tumors disappeared, no longer to be felt or seen. Many disabled people began to walk unassisted. A cancerous woman with an issue of blood for 10 years reported that she had recovered and was no longer bleeding. With crowds growing to 100,000 by the third night, it was impossible to record all the testimonies of healings, visions and supernatural encounters as the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached to the poor. Hosting crusades in India since 2007, SOT has witnessed to date more than 200,000 people respond to the gospel in this nation alone. Thanks to all our partners who have enabled such a tremendous evangelism breakthrough in this impoverished, unreached region! During the trip, we also hosted a two-day conference for pastors where many heard message of the finished work of the cross for the first time. The opportunity to equip pastors in the pure grace message was a highlight of the trip, as so often Western missionaries train them in religious legalism, switching Hindus from one set of self-works to a Christian version of the same. “We have just as much idolatry in America as you do here,” Crowder told them. “It’s just that it usually happens in our churches.”
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Our India crusades have often met with resistance from angry mobs, police and other persecution. But this trip was favorable, and the team also visited the Sons of Thunder children’s home in Mumbai, which we started in 2007. Over the past year, we have doubled the size of the home, allowing us to rescue more orphaned children from poverty and the sex trade. If you would like to join us in advancing the gospel to the poorest of the poor, please consider becoming a financial partner with the work of John and Lily Crowder by visiting www.TheNewMystics. com/Partners. And join us on the mission field! Fnd more upcoming trips where you can pray for the sick, preach and drink in a fresh impartation of gospel bliss, keep an eye on this site!
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