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Happy Cosmonauts Blast off in Russia, Latvia & Ukraine

RussiaThis summer, a Sons of Thunder team ventured into three former Soviet Bloc countries releasing the glorious gospel with joy and power, healing the sick and reaching the poor on our Happy Cosmonaut Mission.
The group ventured into Latvia and Ukraine, followed by Mother Russia. Since the nation opened to the West in the 1980s, a push for restrictions against missionary evangelism and outside faith groups has again ensued in what was one of the most persecuted areas of the world for believers. With the nation creeping rapidly back toward political oppression and corruption, the region also faces widespread poverty and massive drug abuse statistics. It’s ripe for the gospel!
The diverse SOT team of 26 was comprised of many nations itself, including the US, England, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Egypt. Team members held outreaches to the poor in local villages, on the streets, visited orphaned children and ministered in a drug rehabilitation center. But the main goal was to equip local churches in the grace message. Since the fall of communism, waves of religious proselytizing have poured in. But Western legalism has been exported with it. For most, this was the first exposure to the finished work message – a pure revelation of grace. Hundreds gathered in each location, including outside guests traveling in from Estonia, Finland and beyond. John also held pastors gatherings with key network leaders for the region. Even Orthodox priests were getting zapped!
Such a heavy trance-like Glory permeated the meetings that many were unable to move for hours. Some team members became so incapacitated that local cab drivers were convinced they were drunk – requiring us to pay extra “vomit insurance” before they gave us a ride. They were thoroughly overjoyed as we shared the source of our intoxicating love! The “gold sign” appeared in the St. Petersburg meetings as some were supernaturally showered with gold dust. But all in all, it was the thick blanket of love invading each place that spoke volumes of good news – more than words could tell! Thanks for your support of mission endeavors like these all around the world. Prayerfully consider joining us as a regular monthly partner as we fuel this love addiction! Write, call or visit us online today www.thenewmystics.com/partners.
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