Second Home to Rescue Orphan Children

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We are excited to announce that Sons of Thunder has taken the helm of yet another home for orphaned children in the nation of India. Over the past few months, we have expanded our ministry operations to the city of Velicheru near Rajahmundry on the east coast. We now offer life-saving support for 15 more abandoned boys and girls, along with local Pastor Don Stewart and his family of four.
Thanks to the generous help of our partners, SOT has provided a home, food, education and love to dozens of orphans in the country for six years. Since 2007, we have been rescuing children whose lives are directly threatened by poverty, disease and hunger in the Mumbai area. Our first home, under the helm of directors Joshua and Ranjana Immanuel, saw a massive expansion last year. Doubling the size of the Mumbai facility allowed us to take in more children – some faced abandonment; some lost parents to HIV, and others were pulled straight from brothels.
Now, with a second home in Velicheru, we can save the lives of more children who would otherwise be neglected, facing poverty, disease, illiteracy, sexual abuse or even death. Thanks to your support, SOT is making an impact where it is needed most. Every day, more than 16,000 children die of hunger related causes – that is one child every five seconds. More than 800 million go hungry each day. Around the world, more than 11 million children under the age of 5 die from preventable causes, simply because they are too poor to stay alive. Child prostitution exploits more than 400,000 children in India. The church has a mandate to spread the gospel to the poor, liberating captives and releasing the oppressed in a tangible way. Such statistics can seem paralyzing. But we have to begin somewhere. By starting with one child at time, we are making a difference that exponentially affects a cultural shift in society. By spending ourselves on the helpless, we see the face of God.
The Velicheru children’s center and church was first built and launched in October 2005 by our friends in ministry at Revival Town. Due to administrative set backs, the center was no longer able to function as a full-time orphanage and the project was largely curtailed and shelved for more than a year. Since that time, Revival Town ceased its local ministry operations in America, and the center was left in limbo.
With no funding to bring it back online, SOT stepped in last November to “adopt” the home. We restored the monthly financial support. Children who had been turned out months before were brought back into the home under the care of house parents Don and his wife Shweta Stewart. The Stewarts also pastor a local church and minister to the surrounding villages from the center as a base.
Our last two visits to the nation of India have been historic, resulting in more than 200,000 decisions for Christ through mass evangelism programs! We have a heart to continually invest there in the lives of the poor.
We also want to thank all our supporters who have joined together with the Sons of Thunder team – from your hearts of compassion have spilled an overflow of generosity as you’ve partnered with this beautiful gospel!
If you would like to contribute to Sons of Thunder on a regular basis, to help us with this and other mission efforts around the world, please consider joining us as a regular monthly partner. Sons of Thunder is a registered 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit ministry, and all donations are tax deductible.