India Visit to Lepers, Slums, Dumps and Orphans

LadySons of Thunder recently returned from a joint mission to India with a team of 50 where we ministered to the poorest of the poor. Unlike our other India trips which often involve mass evangelism crusades and many meetings ... this trip consisted of no meetings at all!

Our goal was just to minister to the individual. To seek out and visit those living in the garbage dumps, the slums and the leper colonies. Team members spent time all day, loving on the poor, praying for the sick and sharing the heart of Jesus. While in the garbage dump, we had the privilege of rescuing a developmentally challenged orphan girl and bringing her right into a children's home run by our friend Benjamin Dunn. John also had a chance to pull away from the team and spend some time with one of our Sons of Thunder children's homes in Mumbai.

Next year we plan to return to India for another large evangelism campaign - gathering tens of thousands to hear the Good News, whilst healing the sick and releasing the Glory of God. While our next India adventure is not yet confirmed, keep an eye on our website at: www.TheNewMystics.Com/Missions. Thanks to all our partners who continue to make our ministry endeavors in India possible! Your support of mission endeavors like these sends us all around the world. Prayerfully consider joining us as a regular monthly partner as we fuel this love addiction! Write, call or visit us online today KidKids HomeLeper