Crowder Lands in Prison and Seminary in Ethiopia

EthiopiaWhat began as a small side trip to visit and encourage a few missionary friends in Ethiopia turned into a powerful week of unexpected ministry. John Crowder brought his son to Dilla, Ethiopia - a six-hour drive into the heart of Africa from the nearest airport of Addis Ababa. The goal was to meet with a close friend and long-term missionary who teaches at one of the country's most prestigious, if not isolated seminaries far from any Western world amenities. Besides doing some candy and chicken evangelism (fistfuls of lollipops and chicken dinner goes a long way toward furthering this candy-coated gospel in Ethiopia!), John was quickly invited to speak in numerous places.

Although he came with no plan or agenda, John had the opportunity to minister to a large campus church. Intrigue followed at the school, and each day he was also asked to lead the campus chapel group, sharing with the theology students and meeting with many of them afterwards.

John also was taken to a maximum facility Ethiopian prison where he preached Good News to hundreds of convicts who packed out the facility, even leaning into the open doors to hear! Preaching the gospel - the finished work of the cross from Romans 6 - he layered the truth of their identity, sharing the good news that their old sinful self is dead and that each one is a beautiful new creation who looks just like Jesus! There was so much Glory in the prison, John told them that folks would want to get locked up just so that they could experience it!

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