Preaching the Gospel in the Ukrainian War Zone

192664210152288481591635221111With the nation of Ukraine in deep crisis, John Crowder together with a small team of friends visited the country just as neighboring Russia invaded and annexed the Crimean Peninsula. Following months of protests and armed resistance from riot police and pro-Russian insurgents, the city squares of Kiev became a virtual war zone. Fires have engulfed buildings. Barricades of tires, bricks and debris provide makeshift protection, blocking one-time main city thoroughfares as local militias patrol the streets - encamped throughout public areas in military preparedness.

Ukraine's dire situation continues to mount at the time of this publication. Russian forces amassing on her eastern border threaten invasion at any moment. With Ukraine ousting her former pro-Russian president in favor of leaning toward better relations with Europe and the Democratic West, Russian President Vladimir Putin immediately began sowing discord into the country. Insurgents now attempt to overthrow Ukrainian leadership in many eastern cities near the Russian border and fighting continues.

Amidst the despair and chaos, we felt a strong urge to get our feet on the ground and encourage believers in these difficult times. John preached to hundreds of Ukrainians in Kiev, still reeling from months of turmoil after pro-Russian riot police indiscriminately began shooting into crowds and killing more than 100 civilians.

While the situation was too intense to bring a large team, we firmly believe that we literally carry a manifestation of the Glory of God in such a way that atmospheres shift. Encouraging believers and alleviating the fear and paranoia of the situation with Good News is what we're all about. Also during the trip, we visited soldiers who had been wounded by pro-Russian forces. One man had been hit by a grenade, shot in the head and shot through the groin simultaneously! We encouraged him and he readily accepted the truth that God had spared his life for a purpose.

Thanks to your support we were able to encourage many in a time of great tension. We look forward to returning both to Ukraine and Russia in the near future! Your support of mission endeavors like these sends us all around the world. Prayerfully consider joining us as a regular monthly partner as we fuel this love addiction! Write, call or visit us online today