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 Chosen For Paradise

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The Inclusion of Humanity
in the Saving Act of Christ

Reframing Election in Romans 9-11

Sons of Thunder Publications

The doctrine of election has confused theologians for centuries like a dog chasing it’s own tail. Does God choose us, or do we choose God?

Some believe that our own striving human willpower must somehow conjure up and maintain our own salvation. But how can we ever be certain that we have believed deep enough? Is it really up to us to save ourselves? To depend on my own decision for God?

Others believe salvation is God’s sovereign business from start to finish. But what about those who don’t believe? Did God choose some to fry in their own fat forever in Hell?

What if God’s predestination is not about choosing some for bliss and others for destruction? Following the lead of the great theologian Karl Barth, John Crowder explores the volatile passages of Romans 9-11 to shed new light on the debated topic of election.

God is not choosing one human over another. Jesus Christ is the chosen, elected man on behalf of all humanity. And you are fully included in Him.  

John's shortest book ever aims to cheer up theology's biggest problem ever!
Written as a companion book to Cosmos Reborn.
Introduction by Dr. Eric Wilding.

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$14.95 + Shipping, 11/4/2014