Mumbai Orphanage gets Major Renovations

Thanks to the continued support of our partners, Sons of Thunder was able to conduct many big-ticket item repairs to our Mumbai Children’s Home this summer in the nation of India.

Our Mumbai house is one of two homes SOT has operated for orphans in India. We built the large, two-story Mumbai facility in 2007, quickly doubling its size in order to provide much needed housing for more abandoned children. We provide shelter, education, food, clothing and medical care for approximately 40 children at this location alone and support two families and additional staff who live onsite and care for the youth.
Due to the intense nature of the Indian rainy season and surrounding wetlands, the home needed an exhaustive series of repairs: fresh plaster, paint and various patch-ups were needed to the ground floor children’s rooms, ceilings and bathrooms along with significant work to the compound wall. As health and safety concerns, these were mandatory construction needs.

Several children at the home lost parents due to HIV. Others were rescued directly from brothels. Some of our first children we began caring for in 2007 have now graduated high school and some are even studying for ministry. Thanks to your support, we are making a critical difference where it is needed most. Every day, more than 16,000 children die of hunger related causes – that is one child every five seconds. More than 800 million go hungry each day. Around the world, more than 11 million children under the age of 5 die from preventable causes, simply because they are too poor to stay alive.

SOT has a regular budget of thousands per month we spend in our long-term commitment to these children, so your regular, faithful support is invaluable in making a real, life-or-death impact on their young lives. You can find out more about our children’s homes in the articles on this page, and consider providing a generous donation or become a monthly partner!



Sons of Thunder, 6/7/2017