SOT Building New Philippines Orphanage

Here at Sons of Thunder, a long-standing part of our mission statement and vision has been to release the heart of the Father through the tangible care and support of orphaned children. Since 2007, we have directly rescued abandoned children in developing nations, bringing food, education and most of all, a loving home for these vulnerable, forgotten little ones on the margins of society. We are excited to announce a fresh new endeavor in the nations to save the lives of even more little ones!
To date, we have had the amazing opportunity to rescue dozens of young lives in India in the two children’s homes we have operated there. It has been amazing to watch some of our kids, who were so small when we began, to grow up over the years and even venture off to college! We have been gripped to the core with not only saving lives, but watching them succeed and thrive.
But now, we are responding to a different mission field, as we feel the Lord expanding our passion and faith to construct yet another home for orphans – this time in the Philippines. For several years, we have valued the work of our friends at LifeChild Asia who have endeavored to construct several kids’ homes outside the Wawa garbage dumps on the island of Luzon, in which more than a thousand families live in abject poverty. Together with their administrative partnership, Sons of Thunder will be constructing a brand new home – with plans to break ground by spring 2017. We have already begun fundraising for the facility, which will be solely raised by us and will require tens of thousands in capital building funds, together with a fresh monthly commitment to feed, educate, clothe and provide regular oversight and staff for the children.
Currently we send thousands in support each month for our two children’s homes in India, so we appreciate all the continued and renewed support from you – our friends and partners – to join together with us in this fresh opportunity to be fathers to the fatherless and bread to the hungry. This new commitment is a major step up for us financially, and we trust that as the Lord moves on your hearts to join with us, the blessings and favor associated with moving in His heart for the poor will manifest on your lives!
Our first home constructed in Mumbai in 2007 is our largest, housing upward of 30 children. The second home in Rajahmundry, India held about 20 children, and we are now excited to reach out to more. Sons of Thunder adopted the Rajahmundry house, constructed by our friends at Revivaltown Ministries, when they were no longer able to provide regular support. Our Revivaltown friends have continued to monitor the wellbeing of the children we support in Rajahmundry, and most have now been transitioned to actual homes, opening doors for us to focus more ministry resources on the Philippines.
Please consider contributing to our work with orphans in India and the Philippines by continuing as part of the Sons of Thunder team as a monthly financial partner! You can jump onboard now at www.thenewmystics.com/partners 


Sons of Thunder, 6/7/2017