Team Visits Lepers, Dumps & Muslim Slums of Indonesia

Sons of Thunder recently took another mission team to Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation of the world, bringing the party to the poorest of the poor in the very margins of society. 
Our international team visited the leper colonies of Jakarta, spending time and sharing hugs with one of the most outcast segments of the population. Bringing food, prayer and Gospel cheer, we preached and demonstrated God’s love and inclusion in Christ with tangible relief of groceries and the Father’s healing touch. Next, we ventured to the nation’s largest garbage dump, seeking out those who literally live and scrape along by rummaging through scraps amid smoldering mountains of rubbish.
The team fed hundreds of impoverished Christians, Muslims or just whoever was hungry – both in the slums and right in the garbage dumps. Their reception to the Gospel message was overwhelmingly positive in an atmosphere of joy and supernatural manifestation right in the midst of their poverty. In addition, we also hosted glory meetings in the churches, where a heavy atmosphere of God’s miracle working presence rested in a weighty drunken melee. Many were touched and were first awakened to the message of grace, while signs followed as dozens of large feathers began appearing out of thin air and people were physically healed.
There is always such a thick, sticky weight of glory when we visit Indonesia! If you are hungry to experience the supernatural – seeing and feeling the Lord operate tangibly through you in blessing the poor – prayerfully consider joining us on the mission field. Take a faith step and plunge into something different – watch the Lord provide for you every step of the way and literally experience a life-changing point of departure from all you’ve ever known!

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