Bringing Grace to Cuba!

cubaIn March 2016 we launched week-long mission trip to Havana, Cuba with a team of 30 from all over world - U.S., Canada, New Zealand, U.K., Switzerland, Scotland and Costa Rica. Our main event was blowing up a pastor's conference with the gospel of grace and the power of the Holy Ghost! To be honest, we did get in a little trouble for laughing – the local churches were a bit surprised: after all, the last thing the world expects to see is a happy Christian! The people absolutely loved and drank down the gospel of grace – even if a few pastors were a bit nervous about all the wacky manifestations. We got to layer the gospel - the finished work of the cross. And in this country where most churches are still quasi-legal - we may have very well been the first missionaries to bring a message of pure, effortless grace in the face of Catholic and Pentecostal legalisms (not to mention all of the Santeria voodoo mixture that infiltrates the church).

The team went out on the streets prophesying over people, praying for the sick - probably all borderline illegal, but it was amazing to be on the cutting edge of bringing the raw, pure gospel in at the ground floor, in a place where so much religion has reigned in the church!

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