Indonesia-Philippines Mission to Lepers, Dumps

Check out the video update on our most recent mission to Indonenesia and Philippines where we returned once more to the leper colonies and brought food and Gospel glory to those living in the dumps! Last November, Sons of Thunder took an international team of about 20 people to the two nations for a wild, transformative mission marked by a heavy weight of God’s tangible glory and a clear proclamation of the gospel of grace.
Our trek to Indonesia, the largest Muslim country on earth, included visiting a massive garbage dump, where we ministered to the poorest of the poor. Countless people living in destitute poverty literally comb through the burning trash heaps to survive each day. On the outskirts of Jakarta, we ventured to such a place, bringing truckloads of food and provision to the hungry, bombing children with candy and preaching the gospel to some of the most receptive, open people on the planet! The joy and openness was tangible as Muslims and Christians alike warmly received the gospel.
Next, we went to the Jakarta leper colony, where we have been building relationships over the years. For the first time, we had unprecedented access to a leper hospital – hugging, kissing and praying for the freshest, newly infected cases as well as those most advanced with the disease. We were the first Western visitors allowed access to this hospital since Princess Diana in the 1980s. In addition to prayer, love, healing prayer and simply releasing dignity and honor to the desperate and forgotten, we also brought more food as well.
After our time in Indonesia, we trekked over to the Philippines releasing the message of grace in a three-day event marked by a weighty, intoxicating glory and impartation as John preached an unfiltered, unmixed gospel of the finished work of the cross, marked by the supernatural. The team also visited with orphans in Manila.
While in the region, our hearts were stirred to not only return to the Philippines for another miracle gospel event in 2017 – but also to plant a new home for orphaned children in the country. **Since the time of this trip, that home has become a reality!**

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