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te·los (n. Greek: ultimate end, purpose, objective, aim)

Christ is the Telos: the consummation of all things. A revelation of Grace is shattering religious paradigms in this day, as we return to the authentic Good News of the ancient church. This unique course is a deep dive into a complete reworking of how we understand the Gospel. Western Christianity is riddled with pagan mythology of separation from a distant, legal God whilst peddling religious formulas for solving the problem. We must re-evangelize the foundation of our beliefs from the ground up. The Gospel is the end of man's religious fears and striving. It is the Father's eternal plan of adopting us into Jesus' unbroken relationship with Him in the Holy Spirit, which He fully accomplished. This intensive week offers a radical overhaul on countless topics, geared to reformat major foundational errors and return us to a happy, experiential revelation of union and the tangible love of God in Christ. The goal is to begin seeing through one simple lens: the finished work and person of Jesus by which we learn to recalibrate everything else. Jesus did not merely bring a message. He is the Message. He does not invite us into union with God, but in His very being, He is the living incarnate union between God and our humanity.

For seven days, John Crowder will unleash a full arsenal that is both theological and experiential. Both a doctrinal detox and a supernatural smorgasbord of joyful participation in the life of the Spirit. Space will be limited to only a few dozen participants to foster an atmosphere of personal interaction. Early registration is highly recommended. Plunge headlong into His experiential presence! There is a fresh awakening of the finished work of the Cross - and this intensive week aims to transform both mind and heart with a mega-dose of deep, intoxicating theology, together with hands-on impartation and activation.

We have one Telos destination event coming this year ... For the European region, Telos will be held in the U.K. in Cornwall, England in May 2022 (with Godfrey Birtill leading worship).


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Where: St. Austell in Cornwall, England
 Date: May 8-14, 2022

When: 2-10 p.m. daily
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Cost: £300 Registration
Discounted Rates:
£500 for Married Couples
£250 per person for Monthly SOT Ministry Partners
Registration covers entire week-long course (no single day rates)
*Children are free and welcome (no childcare provided)

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TELOS Course Curriculum Topics

Ecstatic Experience
A biblical and historical grid for trances and Holy Spirit infilling, covering the topic of “drinking in the Spirit” from a lens of God’s goodness, divine union and a life of joy unspeakable.

Supernatural Phenomena
An extensive walk through supernatural church history, sharing testimonies and examples of bizarre miracles, signs and wonders that are often clinically removed from most seminaries.

Faith & the New Birth
Most “born again” Christians have no grid for the new birth. Catch a deeper understanding of regeneration, the effortless gift of faith and its supernatural dynamics, apart from striving human willpower.

Open Heavens
Open heavens is an important topic, though often wrongly portrayed as something we must attain through prayer, fasting or worship. Explore the realities of the glory realm available as a gift.

Creative Miracles
There is inheritance and authority in the New Creation. With practical wisdom and a better understanding of identity and delegated power, flowing in a miraculous lifestyle becomes normal.

Finished Work of the Cross
Unpacking the foundational truth of the New Creation in Christ and our spotless identity, empowering us to live completely free from the old nature in holiness. Blasting the myth of the sinful nature.

Prayer, Fasting & Fullness
Reworking “transactional” Christian disciplines in light of the New Covenant. The Fullness of God is not a thing to be attained through asceticism or effort, but a present reality we discover.

Understanding Atonement
Unwinding the lies of penal substitution and the concept of a bloodthirsty God. What if the cross is not about paying off the Father’s wrath? What if the church has radically missed the Trinity?

Election & Free Will
Does God harden some chosen for destruction? Who is chosen? Is salvation our choice or God’s? How is all of humanity represented in Christ? See Romans 9-11 in a new Christocentric light.
Trinity and the Creeds
A walk through the early church creeds to reground our bearings. Returning to the grammar of the Trinity in our belief systems, and exposing the lies of Arianism that still pervade our thinking.

We have unwittingly diminished either the divinity or humanity of Christ. Explore not just the act of salvation, but in His very “being” as the God-Man, Christ Himself is our union with God.

Inner Healed
Discussing thought structures, counseling, habit patterns and deliverance from a finished work perspective. Explore how the concept of “process sanctification” of the soul is a pagan concept.

Q&A Sessions
There will be several sessions of discussion, as well as time for personal prophecy. Limiting registration and keeping the Telos groups small will foster deeper dialogue and more interaction.

Song of Solomon
John will unpack his 15 years of study in the Canticles during a revelatory impartation session. The favorite book of the mystics, the Song mystically and experientially engages the heart.

Apostolic, Prophetic & Fivefold
A session discussing a healthy approach to the apostolic, walking in the prophetic in the New Covenant and control-free church leadership models for those burned out on Pentecostalism.

Hell and Inclusion
An extensive look at the twin topics of the inclusion of mankind in the vicarious humanity of Christ, and the implications to the controversial doctrine of Hell from a Biblical and historic perspective.

Dualism: Money, Sex, Beer
See how gnostic Greek dualism ruins a healthy connection between our spiritual and natural lives by pitting them against one another through various unbiblical lies of separation.

For those tired of steps and formulas to “get” Holy Spirit, we will explore a Christocentric theology of Holy Spirit as well explore the Seven Spirits of God with enriching stories and examples.

JOHN CROWDER - John loves to push the envelope and provoke God's people to extreme joy! He is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and advocate of supernatural Christianity. John is on the forefront of a fresh renewal movement marked by ecstatic experience, miracles and recovering the foundational preaching of the cross of grace. John hosts evangelism crusades, plants children's homes and equips the church at events worldwide. Along with his bi-annual magazine, The Ecstatic, John has also written seven books - Mystical Union, Seven Spirits Burning, The Ecstasy of Loving God, The New Mystics, Cosmos Reborn, Chosen for Paradise and Money. Sex. Beer. God.

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