More Children at India Orphanage Expansion

Childrens Home News
Thanks to your support, Sons of Thunder has completed the expansion on our children’s home near Mumbai, India. Early in 2011 we finished basic construction, effectively doubling the size of the entire facility. In November, we brought a team of 30 international missionaries to see the completed work after tiling, painting and furnishing was fully completed. Now that the project is finalized, we have already begun the process of receiving new children into the home. A number of our children, as young as five years old, were taken from brothels and substandard living conditions after the loss of one or both parents. Some were abandoned after parents died of the AIDS virus, while others were children of prostitution.
Boy 1  Boy 2
A notable hallmark is that one of our first boys ever adopted into the home in 2007 has recently completed his high school education and moved onto Bible school to pursue a calling in ministry. Thanks to the support of our partners around the world, we are excited to make a significant difference in these young lives. Besides housing and food, SOT provides monthly support to cover medical care and English-language education to ensure a better future career. In addition, your contributions have enabled us to cover the entire annual facility costs for the supportive local church pastored by our children’s home directors Joshua and Ranjana Immanuel.
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